Our Programme | Junior Preschool


Welcome to Preschool!

What an exciting time to be a preschooler! Learning has never been so much fun. It is our goal to engage our preschoolers in activities that will foster growth for independent thinkers in a safe and loving environment. And in so doing, our program aims to enhance self-help skills, social and interpersonal skills and academic learning. Our intention is to provide a preschool program that is developmentally appropriate for each child. Children are unique and require learning programs that are tailored to their specific needs.

Intelligence is what we use when we don’t know what to do. – Jean Piaget

Books!Walks/Field Trips
*Reading Readiness
*Word Letter Recognition
*Safety Rules
*Listening Skills
*Awareness of Community 
*Exposure to New Things in Environment
Manipulatives/Floor ToysCreative Art
*Counting, Sorting, Classifying
*Recognition of Shape and Colors
*Quantitative Concepts
*Sequencing, Matching
*Concentration and Problem-Solving Skills
*Creativity and Self-Expression
*Color, Shape Recognition
*Fine Motor Skill
*Eye-hand Co-ordination
*Developing and Experiencing the Five Senses
*Pre-writing Skills
Circle/Group TimeOutside Play
*Language Development
*Turn-Taking and Attention Span
*Memory Re-Call
*Following Directions
*Energy Release, Nature Education 
*Gross Motor Development
Sensory playDramatic Play
*Experimenting with Different Elements
*Quantitative Concepts (More/Less)
*Measuring, Mixing, Weight, Size
*Role Playing
*Imagination and Creative Expression
*Relationship Building
*Sharing with Others
Christian EducationScience
*To share the love of Jesus through Bible stories!
*Celebration of Christian Holidays!
*Experimentation Observation
*Asking Questions 
*Respect and Care for Nature
*Toileting and Proper Hand-Washing
*Dressing Themselves
*Self-Esteem and Confidence Building