“Play expands intelligence, stimulates the imagination, encourages creative problem solving, and helps develop confidence, self-esteem, and a positive attitude toward learning. ”   –Dr. Fraser Mustard


At Chapel Place Daycare, we strongly believe and encourage all kinds of play!  We believe greatly that the  job of every child is to play. 

Please refer to the link below for  an expert endorsement from the Council of Minister’s of Education Canada for the importance of play based learning.

In addition, please browse through the tabs for each developmental age group to read more details on each classroom.

Ontario’s Ministry of Education’s  document “The Early Learning Framework” is  used within the Chapel Place Classrooms as a  guide to support all of our  early childhood programmes.  With six distinct principles, the “Early Learning Framework” provides a shared language and understanding of child development.

 The Early Learning Framework is based on research and perspectives from diverse fields of knowledge. It recognizes the distinct values held by families, communities, and cultures.

Please follow link to the Ontario’s Ministry of Education’s website for more information and to read the “ELECT – Early Learning for Every Child Today”  document.



At Chapel Place Daycare Centre, our aim is to provide a stimulating warm environment for your child to grow and learn through play through age appropriate opportunities and materials.


Senior Preschool

We are delighted to begin the 2014 school year with the opening of our new “Pre-Kindergarten Programme.” Children in our Pre-Kindergarten class will be involved in a variety of activities designed to engage our young learners in a more structured classroom environment.


Junior Preschool

What an exciting time to be a preschooler! Learning has never been so much fun. It is our goal to engage our preschoolers in activities that will foster growth for independent thinkers in a safe and loving environment.


Before and After School (4-12 yrs.)

Our program offers QUALITY Before and After School care. We create opportunities for growth in all areas of development and interest. We believe in a fair, loving environment for the children to develop many skills and share ideas and interest with their peers.